Absolute Integrator

The following section describes methods incorporated from the AbsoluteIntegrator code for normalisation and quantification of ADF STEM images.

Detector Normalisation


To carry out normal detector normalisation only the detector image and experimental image are needed.

>>> import hyperspy.api as hs
>>> import atomap.api as am
>>> det_image = am.example_data.get_detector_image_signal()
>>> image = am.dummy_data.get_simple_cubic_signal(image_noise=True)
>>> image_normalised = am.quant.detector_normalisation(image, det_image, 60)

Flux Weighting Analysis

In order to have a flux exponent to include in the detector normalisation (above), a flux analysis must be carried out. The detector flux weighting method is based on the following paper:

  1. G.T. Martinez et al. Ultramicroscopy 2015, 159, 46-58.
>>> image_normalised = am.quant.detector_normalisation(image, det_image, inner_angle=60, outer_angle = None, flux_expo=2.873)

If the flux_exponent is unknown then it is possible to create an interactive flux plot described in detail in the example notebook: https://gitlab.com/atomap/atomap_demos/blob/release/adf_quantification_notebook/adf_quantification.ipynb